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British Columbia Black Bear Hunts

In British Columbia, we can offer a very wide range of  black bear hunting opportunities.  There are both spring and fall seasons for Black Bear hunts.  During Black bear hunts in the springtime hunters are in search of the succulent new vegetation.   While hunting in British Columbia, you can expect to glass south-facing slopes, cut blocks, as well as stalk along river bottoms and pipelines.  The breeding for black bears occurs in early June.  This is a great opportunity to be guided on a hunt for trophy class black bear.  Late June bring the hard-to-find monsters out in search of a mate.  In the fall, spotting and stalking is still the main method of hunting, but the food sources change. 
Healthy populations make these hunts filled with multiple black bear sightings and stalks.   Black bear hunts are a great time to enjoy springtime in the mountains of British Columbia.  Hunts are really relaxed because the days are so long.  The best hunting is from around 1-10 pm.  Hunters can have an excellent sleep, get up and go fishing, and then hunt for the rest of the day.  We really encourage father and son groups for these black bear hunts because it is a great way to introduce youngsters into hunting in British Columbia.  Many animal sightings keep this hunt very entertaining for youngsters. 
In the fall, all our black bear hunting is done as part of a 10-day combination hunt with either a Moose or Elk.

Black Bear trophy quality

Hunters looking for good trophies can expect excellent results.  We do have a good number of color phase black bears.  Sizes range from the 6-foot mark up to 7.5.  Our goal is to harvest good boars 6.5 foot and better.




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